A Message from RJ

Patriots of the Old Republic

Generations from now, when historians are teaching their students about whether you and I were able to save this Republic…succeed or fail they will be lecturing about patriots like all of you. They will talk about how you stood in the gaps of liberty’s battle lines, created by the enemies of freedom, with your 10, 25, and 50 dollar donations for liberty candidates like myself, Rand Paul, and Adam Kokesh. (July 4th:) Students will write papers about how you took on the largest bureaucracy of our time, just as did the founders take on the largest empire of their time, all for the cause of freedom. Win or lose you are all patriots to me and the founders would be proud of you.

RJ Harris
Constitutional Conservative Republican
US Congressional Candidate
Oklahoma 4th District


One Response to “A Message from RJ”

  1. catherine white Says:

    Mr. Harris, somehow I have not found the eight steps you stated as our weapons for successful, effective political warfare and I did not find them when I went to the http site. Can you help me ASAP to know the steps? Many thanks and I appreciated your reply to the lady who wrote you a lengthy reply on your position about supporting preborn life. That lady is speaking like a lot of current voters – she has mixed values and not at all in keeping with the Constitution or with the Judeo-Christian worldview. Keep up the good work. I am the Ada, OK, Tea Party organizer. You can reach me at 405-941-3381 or per email as above. Catherine White

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