Money Bomb is On! Re-Post!!!

Dear RJ Supporter,

RJ’s Money Bomb has officially kicked off and we need you to spread the message. Please contribute what you can. There are over 5,000 friends on RJ’s networks and if every one of you contributes, we’ll blow this money bomb out of the water!!! Also, RJ will be on revolution broadcasting radio ( throughout the day. The station will be discussing RJ’s Money Bomb all day. You may call in at 505-715-6522 throughout the day for Q&A sessions or just to talk.

Posted below is a message from Dr. Rand Paul:

“I am pleased to enthusiastically endorse RJ Harris for Congress. I believe we stand on the precipice of a disaster. Our country is drowning in a sea of debt. Without significant change our country’s future is threatened. Bankruptcy comes in many forms. None of them pretty. Please do whatever you can to support RJ Harris for Congress.”

RJ has also been endorsed by Adam Kokesh.

Let’s send the political establishment a message! We have already received nasty emails from the establishment wishing to keep bailout voters, unconstitutional voters, and illegal empire supporters in office! Let’s show them what we can do!


Please Re-Post this Blog!!!


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