Poll Shows Close Race in Oklahoma’s 4th District


Private Poll shows the Oklahoma 4th District Congressional Race to be a close one

Oklahoma- September 10, 2009 – Internal polling from the RJ Harris 2010 campaign shows Rep. Tom Cole, the incumbent since 2003 at 54%, RJ Harris at 31%, and 15% undecided.

The number of undecided-votes clearly shows Harris within striking distance of an incumbent that should have had all undecided-votes nailed down years ago. This poll was conducted by Persistence Consulting LLC and included likely Republican primary voters from the 4th district.

This news comes after Harris’s campaign has announced its’ current election -contributions at $21,699.69. The highest amount raised by democratic opposition to Rep. Tom Cole in the past three election cycles was $29,344 by Hal Spake in 2006. Harris has surpassed the record of the other two democrat opponents from 2004 and 2008. Rep. Tom Cole has not faced a Republican Primary challenge since 2002. If these numbers indicate anything, it’s that Rep. Tom Cole’s primary race is shaping up to be tougher than his last three general election races against the Democrats.

RJ Harris is an Iraq War Veteran, and a pronounced Constitutional Conservative Republican, living in Norman Oklahoma. His website is http://www.rjharris2010.com


Jonathan Gibbons
RJ Harris 2010



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